Financial Fleet Services is pleased to introduce itself as your exclusive partner in financial renting agreements with a strong individual approach and an eye for quality – not quantity.

Our goal is to provide a full financial service, emphasising consistency in methods and behaviour in order to gain and consolidate trust in our relationships, where clients do not need to use their available capital to acquire an asset. We offer off-balance renting agreements to companies, liberal professions and high-net-worth individuals, and conduct our activities based on criteria such as reliability and trustworthiness.


  • fulfil our commercial commitments
  • provide our clients with a customized financial service, tailored to their specific needs

We additionally guarantee our customers complete anonymity by including all vehicles in our fleet and registering them in the name of Financial Fleet Services NV, leading license plates to the legal owner instead of the economic owner. Furthermore, our products and services can be integrated into various investment strategies and are an ultimate match with current management principles and working methods.

When you entrust us with the financial management of your fleet, you will receive a unique combination of services, financial advice, and management insights, including up-to-date information on tax regulations in the automobile sector. We believe in customization, and aim to select the most advantageous solution for you and your business.

As flexibility is prominent in today’s economy, tailor-made solutions based on individual customer needs are crucial for innovation and growth. Drafting, modifying, adapting and transferring invoicing and/or renting agreements are a few of the aspects included in our extensive range of services. In addition, we will handle all administrative and financial aspects of acquiring an asset, allowing you to focus entirely on your core activities.

Generally, owning objects requires special attention, including the associated financial and tax implications. Since, in our view, renting falls under an integrated financial service, the latter allows you to create both financial and mental space so that you can focus undividedly on your core activities.

Overall, Financial Fleet Services is specialized in offering customized financial assistance, based on a transparent control of operating costs. We focus on creating an ideal balance between a cost-effective solution on the one hand, and personal preferences that are directly related to the concept of “carefree driving” on the other. In short, we continuously strive for an impeccable service, based on competitive pricing and honest depreciation.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us without further obligation at
+32 (0)2 302 40 00.